EnableDisable for Office 2.0.7

EnableDisable for Office 2.0.7: Add-ins Startup Manager for Microsoft Office Experiencing slow Outlook (or other Office application)? Would you like to speed it up? That is where EnableDisable helps you - enable or disable add-ins for Office with just one mouse click. Disable add-ins for Office applications if you are running slow with the add-ins installed, enable them if you need to use them again. And it`s FREE!

Disable USB Ports Tool 1.0.3: Disable or block USB storage devices
Disable USB Ports Tool 1.0.3

Disable USB Ports Tool is the best software that helps an individual or a system administrator control USB storage devices(USB FLASH DISK, USB DISK, IPOD, etc.). For each USB storage device, you can set three statuses: Disabled (unable to read/write), read-only or Enabled (Able to read/write). You can disable regedit to prevent others from modifying the registry. All the above-mentioned settings will not affect your USB mouse or keyboard.

readonly, block, control, disable

AutoRun Disable Disable autorun to protect your Windows PC against autorun based threats
AutoRun Disable

AutoRun Disable is a free tool that helps you secure your PC. With it you can easily disable the possibly dangerous AutoRun feature of Windows (XP, Vista, 7). You can disable the auto-run feature based on device types (USB and other removable devices, CD/DVD, internal or network drives) or specific drive letters. Disabling auto-run will protect your PC against auto-run based malware like Stuxnet, Conficker, Downadup and others threats.

stuxnet, usb autorun threat, disable autorun, auto run, turn off autorun, deactivate auto run, conficker, wikileaks

Tweaks for Skype™ Tweaks for Skype™ is a user-friendly tool to set up Skype™.
Tweaks for Skype™

Disable File Transfer (Prevents users from sharing files.) -Disable Contact Import (Prevents users from importing contacts.) -Disable Personalization (Prevents users from changing sounds.) -Disable Update Check (Prevents users from searching for updates.) -Disable Screen Sharing (Prevents users from sharing their screens.) -Disable Language Editing (Prevents users from editing UI languages.) -Disable User Online Status (Prevents the user`s status

tweaks, skype

Disable Startup 1.2: free startup manager and monitoring program
Disable Startup 1.2

Disable Startup is a free startup manager and monitoring program of, it can scan all Windows Startups on your computer, and monitor all new startup items, provide protecting for Windows Startup from changes, it can helps you to optimize Windows startup, alert when new items are added. Disable Startup can monitor Internet Explorer start pages changes too. This is one good tool to control and manage program that will start automatically

system, windows, startup

Active Scripting Fast Disable 1.5: Block popup ads and email spam with just one click! No setup is required.
Active Scripting Fast Disable 1.5

disabled or enabled * Toggle picture display within Outlook and Internet Explorer Unlike many popup blocking utilities, Active Scripting Fast Disable is simple, stable, and non-invasive. It is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, and XP, and all recent versions of Internet Explorer. It will not prevent you from opening new Internet Explorer windows, or modify important system DLLs. It requires no setup, "blacklist" entry, or filter configuration

window, javascript, internet explorer, popunder, spam, popup, picture, disable, enable, outlook, active scripting, deny, toolbar

PDF SpeedUp 3.01: Speed up your Acrobat Reader to being lightning fast!
PDF SpeedUp 3.01

disable the plug-ins as needed Turn off all Updates features Disable the splash screen during program startup Remove the My eBooks folder created in My Documents Turn off the advertisements for Adobe products in the upper-right corner of the toolbar Remove PrintMe and Adobe Reader icons Disable Browser Integration Disable confirmation dialog when closing Adobe Reader Better speed for LAN and Cable connection Clear Adobe Reader Recent Files History

reader, startup, settings, speedup, speed, adobe, fast, load, tweak, slow, start

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